Texas Ninja League

TNL is a non-profit organization made up of ninja gym owners, managers, and even parents coming together to give back to the community. 


In order of qualify to compete at the TNL championships each athletes must be registered with the TNL league $25 per season. Placement points will begin accumulating for the season AFTER the athlete has registered. If an athlete registers after the competition they'll still be eligible to receive 1 participation point up to 1 week after the competition but will no longer be eligible for placement points. Click here to sign up as an individual.

Becoming a host gym - 

We will accept new host gym applications during the off season of the Texas Ninja League. Typically this falls April/May till July depending on exact date of finals.


Men and women will not be competing against each other for points, placement, or prizes. If you move up an age division for a tournament - then you are now competing in that age level. The State Tournament as well as all TNL tournaments will have the following age divisions. Age is based on August 1st at start of season.

Tykes 5 & 6

Kids 7 & 8

Youth 9 & 10

Preteens 11 & 12

Teens 13 - 15

Amateur Adults 16 +


Any adults 16+ qualifies in the new PRO division if they have been to Las Vegas on ANW the last 3 years, placed top 10 in pro at UNAA Finals, NNL Finals, Rockford Ninja Warrior, or Wolfpack Ninja Tour finals. If an athlete qualifies in the pro division they are not eligible to compete with the amateur adults 16+ and will automatically qualify for TNL Finals (must still sign up as a member). If they wish to run later at finals they're eligible to participate in qualifier competitions with Adults 16+ but do not take away from podium placement or their points. Pros receive 1 participation point (starting at 5 points just for signing up) for every qualifier competition they're involved in (including TNL, UNAA, and NNL competitions). 

Any adult 16+ that places first place at a TNL (not UNAA or NNL) competition will receive an invitation to move to the pro class for TNL Finals. Once an athlete has decided to move to the pro division they can not move back down.


The league scoring athletes will earn +1 TNL point for each competition they’re involved in (UNAA, TNL, or NNL) at a TNL gym.
Athletes also have the opportunity to gain additional points based on their placement at TNL competitions (age groups are different at UNAA and NNL competitions so only the +1 participation point at those).

1st place = +4 points

2nd place = +3 points

3rd place = +2  points

4th place = +1 points


5 points minimum and you qualify for finals. Any points over 5 will be a factor in deciding run order at finals with number of competitions being a points breaker (less competitions will place you higher in the rankings). 

Qualifying format is at gyms own direction so make sure to read their rules about how many courses they may have, time frame, scoring system, etc. Obstacles must have a clearly marked start and finish for each obstacle at each qualifying competition as well as finals. All TNL competitions will follow the age groups listed above in order to gain placement points. UNAA and NNL have different age group formats which is why athletes can only gain 1 participation point at those versus placement points.


Season 2 date and location TBD

Finals format...

STAGE ONE - All qualified athletes will run in reverse points order (the more points you gain all season - the later you run - number of competitions is a tie breaker). One mulligan (redo) that must be used on their first fall. Courses will have a time limit - athletes will have the option of continuing the course if they fall until the time limit (points will no longer count though)

Example(s) : 
Athlete A never falls - gets a bonus point for a perfect run. 
Athlete B falls on third obstacle - uses redo and completes obstacle - completes rest of course. 
Athlete C falls on third obstacle - uses redo and falls again - option to complete rest of course (until time cap) but obstacles no longer count. 
Athlete D falls on third obstacle - uses redo and completes obstacle - falls on 5th obstacle and run is over - option to complete rest of course (until time cap) but obstacles no longer count 

Pretty much if you fall once and make up for it - you can keep going. Second fall you're out but can continue course for fun until time cap. 

STAGE TWO - Top 50% of athletes in each division (regardless of gender) will move on to stage 2. Points will start over from 0, but athletes will run in reverse points order based on stage 1. No mulligan on stage 2.

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Texas Ninja League is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization. 

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