Texas Ninja League

TNL is a non-profit organization made up of ninja gym owners, managers, and even parents coming together to give back to the community. Our mission is to promote the sport of Ninja Obstacle Competition (N.O.C.) in the state of Texas for athletes of all ages.


In order of qualify to compete at the TNL championships each athletes must be registered with the TNL league $25 per season. Points will begin accumulating for the season AFTER the athlete has registered. You will NOT be able to get points for a competition after you have already competed if you were not a member at the time unfortunately.  Click here to sign up.


Men and women will not be competing against each other for points, placement, or prizes. If you move up an age division for a tournament - then you are now competing in that age level. The State Tournament as well as all TNL tournaments will have the following age divisions (similar to UNAA age groups). Age is based on January 1st at start of season.

7 & under

9 & under

11 & under

13 & under

15 & under



The league scoring athletes will earn +1 TNL point for each competition they’re involved in (UNAA, TNL, or NNL) at a TNL gym.
Athletes also have the opportunity to gain additional points based on their placement at TNL competitions (age groups are different at UNAA and NNL competitions so only the +1 participation point at those).

1st place = +4 points

2nd place = +3 points

3rd place = +2  points

4th place = +1 points


5 points minimum and you qualify for finals. Any points over 5 will be a factor in deciding run order at finals with number of competitions being a points breaker (less competitions will place you higher in the rankings). 

Qualifying format Obstacles must have a clearly marked start and finish for each obstacle at each qualifying competition as well as finals. All TNL competitions will follow the age groups listed above in order to gain placement points. UNAA and NNL have different age group formats which is why athletes can only gain 1 participation point at those versus placement points.

Each host gyms competition format will be 1 point per obstacle, 0 points per fall, unlimited number of falls, and time will end either with last obstacle completed or at the time limit. The course ends with the athlete hitting the buzzer not just completing the last obstacle. 



Finals format (subject to change)

STAGE ONE - All qualified athletes will run in reverse points order (the more points you gain all season - the later you run - number of competitions is a tie breaker). Points based format with 1 point for every obstacle completed within the time cap. No redo's - athletes fall and move on to the next obstacle. 

STAGE TWO - Top 50% of athletes in each division (both genders) will move on to stage 2. Points will start over from 0, but athletes will run in reverse points order based on stage 1. You fall you're out format. 

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Texas Ninja League is a 501(c)6 non-profit organization. 

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